Some reactions from Germany

The concert in Germany was a succes | 19 May 2009
Here are some reactions from the audience that we received by mail:

Heike ( from Hamburg): “My husband couldn’ t be talked to during performance – paralized”
Michael (from Rheine): “My girlfriend plays the CD all day long”
Rolf (from Lembruch): “That was more than perfect and professional”
Dirk (from Northern Germany) “It’s been a pleasure listening to your music, especially your duets have a class of its own!!!”
Monika (from Osnabruck): “Really nice guys”
Andreas (Osnabruck): “My daughter Lena loves “Lerra Woelna”
Sandra & Willi : “unforgettable”
Maria & Christian: “exceptional music”
Petra & Klaus (Muenster): “that music is a cultural enrichment”
Janine & Sascha (Dormund): “a wonderful evening”
Anne & Bernd (Emsdetten): “a special night”
Ute & Christian together with Antje & Herbert (Berlin): “a night to remember”
Petra & Bodo: “delightful music”
Monika & Frank: “that music has something very special, hard to define, but…”
Dirk (Westfalen): “quite chilling music as they say in north germany”
Helge & Natalie (Bad Homburg) “thanks for all, especially for the music of TPP”